Reversible Plough

Reversible Plough has unique use and implementation and is mounted in tractors. We stand apart from competitors and supply useful reversible plough that performs well in all types of soils and lands including the dry and scouring conditions too. Proper clearance reverses automatically and thus takes less time and fuel consumption.


low coast Strong and attractive structure easily detachable based on fuse bolt technology high-quality hydraulic cylinder, control valve and pressure hoses.

3 Bottom Tractor Plough :


As it made with finely painted metallic bars, our 3 Bottom Tractor Plough exhibits high strength as well as corrosion resistance. Supported by an advanced transit system, we have become capable of delivering the orders within promised time.

Not just designing and manufacturing, but we make sure that the packaging of the products is also given the priority. Our packaging experts make use of quality packaging material to deliver the product undamaged.


2 Bottom hy. Rev. MB Plough 3 Bottom hy. Rev. MB Plough
No of Boards on each side 2 3
Complete width of cut in (mm) 610 915
Depth of Cut mm with medium soil (mm) 305 305
Overall Length x Width x Height (mm) 1750 x 870 x 1240 2030 x 1220 x 1270
Actuation of change of Board Hydraulically Hydraulically
Weight (Approx.) in Kgs 285 360
Suitable HP Range 45 Above 65 Above
Loadability 40 24
Extra Provision Double Acting Control Valve Double Acting Control Valve